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My grandson discovered MAD. Today MAD is a typical example of the politically incorrect. I like MAD. I picked up some lost copy. I found a rarity, MAD EXTRA n ˚ 1, 1991. And my favorite - Spy vs. Spy. The collection begins with the first cartoon of Spies presented to Al Feldstein, editor of MAD, by its creator, Antonio PROHIAS.
Antonio PROHIAS was Cuban. Cartoonist laureate, made some cartoons of the dictator Fulgencio Batista, which earned him some problems. When Castro took power in 59 praised the work of PROHIAS. But we know cartoonists. Soon Fidel, now the subject of cartoons, began to consider PROHIAS non grateful.
Three days before the closing of the last free newspaper of Cuba, PROHIAS left for the United States.
He spoke no English. Perhaps for this reason created the Spies dumb. He took the first cartoons to MAD magazine and the rest is history.
PROHIAS was the first foreign employee of MAD Magazine. Two years later, another legend, the mexican Aragones was hired.
PROHIAS died in February 1998 but Spies still very much alive.
I found this on Youtube. Enjoy

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